Your Reliable Realtors In Baja

We offer services to take care of your investment from start to finish, including property management – no more worries about what to do after you buy your investment home in Baja Mexico.

Here are some of the things you can expect when working with Remax Baja Realty:

· Fully Bilingual Consultants to answer your investment questions

· Competent Advice on How to Secure Financing for your home

· We can Find a Renter for Your Property, or Manage Your Property Full Time – your choice

· Buy a Short Term Vacation Property (use the property for your family vacation, and rent it out when you’re not here), or a Long Term Investment Property – your choice

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Property Management

From electricity and plumbing to carpentry and maid services. We facilitate quotes for repairs and ongoing maintenance projects. Monthly statements, complete with repair and maintenance schedules.


Marketing and Advertising

We provide to you advertising on social media, digital flyers, blogs, prospect campaigns, videos, and more. Plus, we integrate your listing to a global connected software that will expose and promote it to the fullest.


Construction and Legal

We offer you professional service based on the legal and technical knowledge about residential and commercial construction. Closing services, immigration, moves, you ask and we answer!

Vacation Rentals

If you are looking for a few days or even weeks in the Pacific breeze, we have a list of vacation houses and condos in Baja to choose from. All different prices, sizes and location to suit your needs.