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Although the Hollywood stars don’t frequent this seaside town as often as they used to, there were plenty of celebrities in town three years ago during the filming of “Titanic”. Even without regular visits by movie stars, tourists galore still flock here for the beaches, bars, and beef tacos!
Rosarito is known as a great “Near-away Getaway”, due to its closeness to United States at only 18 miles from the border and for being a great beach spot. Rosarito has long been a favorite of visitors looking for a getaway with an international difference. It’s part of the region known for endless beaches and desert hills, a soothing backdrop for every taste.

Unpack and enjoy the regions warm hospitality and Mexican flair. Rosarito offers luxury hotel resorts with every amenity to oceanfront condos, hotels and RV parks. What’s your passion? golf?, horseback riding? Rosarito has an 18-hole course just north of town and miles of riding trails to please the most avid wanderer.

And when you’re through, cool off with a refreshing dip in the surf, a leisurely walk on the beach, or just lie back and sink your fingers and toes in the warm sand. All that fresh air, fun, and shopping is guaranteed to work up a sizable appetite. So feel free to choose from the distinctive offerings of over 100 fabulous restaurants. Rosarito is a place full of activities and attractions for the whole family.

Rosarito has the advantage of being so close to Tijuana that offers an International Airport that provides flights to all Mexico and International flights as well. Rosarito It’s a great one day getaway for folks from Southern California or any place else, and a great weekend destination for anyone crossing the border headed south. Rosarito spells welcome so come and see it for yourself.