At RE/MAX Baja Realty, our professionals will assist you, the investor, in creating the vision/project, investment and expenses, cash flow scenarios, information and obtaining the land use, permits, zoning, and all aspects that may be involved in an investment.

A few months ago my latest publication here at RE/MAX Baja Realty was published, regarding the average price for a lot and larger parcels, with ocean view and ocean front.

Back then, we where a bit “preoccupied”, but excited at the same time, as the prices for individual lots, which had been increasing gradually, where by then at around $15 – $45 per square foot, and oceanfront from $60 to $75 per square foot.

For larger, investment parcels, of course, they are lower, as we could find them as low as $0.50 US for ocean view and $8 US for oceanfront. Since then, however, we have seen, just as with the individual condos and homes, a phenomenal boom in the interest and acquisition of these investment parcels. They are virtually disappearing before our eyes.

Of course, with the demand, the offer is getting very limited, and we are experiencing a larger price increase trend. Hence, the day of the $5 or $10 per sq ft oceanfront parcel in this area has now all but disappeared. We are always able to locate the best and all properties for you!

Both through contacting daily our database, competing realtors, newspaper ads, and everywhere else.

The average price now per square foot on the oceanfront, is around $25 dollars.

As we still find a few parcels in the $10-19 dollar mark, we are seeing them increasingly on the upper $20’s dollar range.

Please remember though, that is best to use a qualified team of professionals in your search for your dream development. It will not cost you anymore, but it will definitely save you tons of money, as well as lots of time and aggravation. In addition, we work with qualified architects, engineers, and such, to help with the decision making process.

Furthermore, thanks to our prestige and time in the market, as well as knowledge and “connections”, we are able not just to offer you the best and the most properties in the area, but more importantly, to offer you our services in a wide array of areas, such as city and state permits, information on rules and regulations, and much more.

If you’re searching for the perfect piece of real estate for your retirement home, let RE/MAX Baja Realty be your guide. We have the reputation of providing the best customer service in the Rosarito area, and we’re happy to help you find the perfect location for the retirement of your dreams. Why spend a fortune to have a beachfront view when you can live in Mexico and be surrounded by the beauty of the coast at a fraction of the cost of other countries?

In addition to the beauty of Rosarito, you will find the weather to be delightful. The coolest temperature is seldom below 55°F and the warmest is about 85°F. What better climate can you ask for to spend your retirement years having fun in the sun and on the beautiful Pacific Ocean waters?

At Remax Baja, we are proud to be a Re/Max franchise selling top-quality retirement opportunities. Browse our website at for available housing and properties. You can choose from condos and homes to buy, or you can rent properties at an incredibly reasonable cost. Our agents will be glad to help you locate the perfect piece of Rosarito real estate for you, perfect for living your retirement years in comfort and pleasure.

Our helpful agents are available to assist you in viewing and finding the real estate options that fit your criteria. Just contact us at (619) 270-5446, or toll free at 1-866-LUV-BAJA. Also, feel free to contact us by email at We’ll be glad to answer your questions or help you locate the property of your choosing!

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