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In the past year the growth of Baja has been outstanding and the number of oceanfront properties offered has multiplied at a fast pace. The Baja peninsula has become a promising land for investors and a very important part of Mexico’s economy but in the middle of the Baja boom many have forgotten about what made this land so attractive, full of quality of life and rich in culture. La Elegancia has not forgotten the origin of this amazing land; reason why we have taken a bit of history and named our different oceanfront units after a few of Baja’s most important missions: Santo Tomás, Santa Rosalía, San Gabriel, Santo Domingo, Loreto, San Diego and La Paz. We are maintaining history and the spirit of Baja California alive by sharing in this way our past with our national and foreign buyers.

Rosarito is a city that is part of the Camino Real Misionero (Royal Missionary Route) that refers to the path that covers the missions from this city, all the way to San Jose del Cabo. These missions that were inhabited by local ranchers since the mid sixteen century, where also home to American ranchers. Even Russian ranchers came to the Baja in the centuries past, and established themselves in the Guadalupe Valley, where they have, up to today, a very prosperous wine industry. All these people –Mexicans, Americans, Russians, Chinese… were attracted by the land and decided to invest in livestock and crops like wheat, grapes and olive trees. There were also many Americans living in missions near the ocean like Santo Tomás, San Ignacio or Loreto that were dedicated to fishing of abalone.

While the ranchers worked on their economic activities, they started to coexist and get to know and learn about each others’ cultures, Americans and Mexicans would soon start to benefit from the weather and land conditions and start helping each other.

This same idea and feeling is what the concept of La Elegancia is focusing on; to offer an intimate space were this coexistence is cherished, and where all cultures benefit from the richness of each, having the opportunity to enjoy the same conditions that were enjoyed by our ancestors: the Mediterranean climate and spectacular ocean views, the exquisite wines, the olives of the region, the whales migrating from the north during the winter months and the warmth of the local people and festive environment. It is our mission, as La Elegancia to offer our buyers an enriching experience buying in Baja but most of all, living in Baja.

More than an investment; living in Baja is a new way of life.

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