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5 Home staging tips to sell your house during the winter

Here are some tricks you can use for home staging this winter so your home can stand out during the cold months.

1. Keep it warm

It's probably not a good time to save on heating when you are trying to sell a home in the north of Baja. Creating a warm and cozy space is important... quite the opposite of having the same temperature as the street! If the house is empty, try arriving half an hour early on each showing to warm up the place.

I’m about to snuggle up here for the rest of the night. Cold front coming in. ❤️ #JMHolidayStyle

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2. Light

Although the day lasts longer, if you have visits in the afternoon the natural light will be faint. It is important to make sure each and every room has good lightning. If the window or skylight is not enough,  investing in some floor and table lamps is worth it.

3. Make your winter decorations the spotlight

Does your house have a chimney? Light it up for the house tour. Add some throws or pillows for the sofa. Candles? If your house has elements that turn it into a cozy home to spend the winter in, make sure to make them stand out.

4. Show different seasons in pictures

Maybe your house has views. If it does, you can include one of those great pics  in the advertising. Another great idea is helping your buyers to see beyond the winter y showing them pictures of the home during spring and summer when everything is greener and warm. If the lighting on your recent pictures is not enough but you have some from past seasons, make sure to add and show them too.

5. Watch the smell

If the house has been closed for a long time, be careful with humidity odor. If you feel the atmosphere is heavy, you should ventilate the rooms before your showings. The scent is very important when it comes to home staging to create a comfort sensation. You can take advantage of a few minutes before the visits to light up some candles or prepare some good ol' hot chocolate. 

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