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Mexico Realtors

When it comes to Mexico REALTORS®, at Rosarito Beach Real Estate, we have the best. Our outstanding agents have built a reputation for producing outstanding results. Are you looking for a great vacation home where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Mexico any time you choose? Then let our agents go to work for you to find the home of your dreams. We know how to find the best homes at the lowest prices anywhere in the Rosarito area.
Maybe you’re not sure where you would like to buy in Mexico–or, for that matter, if you even want to buy. If that is the case, why not let our agents find a vacation rental for you? Come spend some time with us and look around–we’re sure it won’t take long for you to be taken in by the breathtaking beauty and sounds of the ocean and the lush, green inland terrain. Don’t be surprised if the only problem you’ll have is deciding which location is the one you want to live in!
Our agents have an established record of providing outstanding results through the years. We work hard on your behalf to make certain that every aspect of your rental or purchase is agreeable to you. We are your ally when it comes to owning property in beautiful Mexico. There are no Mexico REALTORS® who work more diligently to make certain every detail is covered.
For more information about Mexico REALTORS®, browse Our toll-free US number is 1-866-588-2252 (LUV BAJA), and our local US number is 1-619-270-5446; feel free to call us for more information. In Mexico, you may reach us at 661-100-2076. Plus, you can always contact us via email at



Enjoy vacationing at its best when you choose to relocate to Baja California with the help of RE/MAX Baja Realty – formerly Rosarito Beach Real Estate. We have been helping families find the best real estate for over 80 years. Our long family history in the Rosarito area gives us the benefit of growing this market from the ground up. Baja is experiencing one of the greatest booms in real estate, and you can get in on the excitement.
Located conveniently at about 24 miles from the California border, you can quickly be in the heart of the paradise you’ve dreamed of. Our caring and knowledgeable professionals will help you get the most for your dollar. If you’re looking for property for development and investment, we also have just what you need. We can help with zoning, permits, and everything from creating a dream project to choosing the right investment location.

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Mexico real estate investments are rapidly becoming a way for many Americans to have their dream homes. Buying investment condos is one great way since condos provide an income while paying off the mortgage. As the baby boomer generation begins to reach retirement, many are realizing they need more income than the retirement benefits available from work or Social Security. This makes investing in Mexico real estate even more appealing.
What better way to plan for your retirement than to own a condominium in Mexico? You can have the income from the sale or rental of the property to continually supplement your lifestyle once you retire. There is no need to worry about your financial future when you can buy into investment properties at a low cost; smart investments pay for themselves many times over.

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In the past year the growth of Baja has been outstanding and the number of oceanfront properties offered has multiplied at a fast pace. The Baja peninsula has become a promising land for investors and a very important part of Mexico’s economy but in the middle of the Baja boom many have forgotten about what made this land so attractive, full of quality of life and rich in culture. La Elegancia has not forgotten the origin of this amazing land; reason why we have taken a bit of history and named our different oceanfront units after a few of Baja’s most important missions: Santo Tomás, Santa Rosalía, San Gabriel, Santo Domingo, Loreto, San Diego and La Paz. We are maintaining history and the spirit of Baja California alive by sharing in this way our past with our national and foreign buyers.

Rosarito is a city that is part of the Camino Real Misionero (Royal Missionary Route) that refers to the path that covers the missions from this city, all the way to San Jose del Cabo. These missions that were inhabited by local ranchers since the mid sixteen century, where also home to American ranchers. Even Russian ranchers came to the Baja in the centuries past, and established themselves in the Guadalupe Valley, where they have, up to today, a very prosperous wine industry. All these people –Mexicans, Americans, Russians, Chinese… were attracted by the land and decided to invest in livestock and crops like wheat, grapes and olive trees. There were also many Americans living in missions near the ocean like Santo Tomás, San Ignacio or Loreto that were dedicated to fishing of abalone.

While the ranchers worked on their economic activities, they started to coexist and get to know and learn about each others’ cultures, Americans and Mexicans would soon start to benefit from the weather and land conditions and start helping each other.

This same idea and feeling is what the concept of La Elegancia is focusing on; to offer an intimate space were this coexistence is cherished, and where all cultures benefit from the richness of each, having the opportunity to enjoy the same conditions that were enjoyed by our ancestors: the Mediterranean climate and spectacular ocean views, the exquisite wines, the olives of the region, the whales migrating from the north during the winter months and the warmth of the local people and festive environment. It is our mission, as La Elegancia to offer our buyers an enriching experience buying in Baja but most of all, living in Baja.

More than an investment; living in Baja is a new way of life.

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Baby Boomer Generation, An Intelligent Market


As a real estate agent it is important to understand the market segments that your product intends to reach. One of these segments is the Baby Boomer generation, those who are between the ages of 42 and 62 years old, and account for 77 million people in the United States.

Do to the closeness with the United States, it is important to know how this type of consumer acts, so we can satisfy their needs in an effective way. The more you anticipate the consumer’s behavior the more chances for you to convince him of buying.

In the last years, we’ve been witnesses of the increase of American residents in the Baja region, a reason not to overlook this market segment that is willing to invest in the area.

Baby boomers tend to spend constantly, they use credit for purchasing goods and services, look for low down payments and flexibility for negotiation. They like going on vacation to different places. When retired, they look for places with amenities that will keep them active, they have a positive attitude towards the future, but are not prepared for retirement just yet. Baby boomers invest in retirement funds, medical plans and real estate.

Baby boomers have a higher rate of owning property than the national rate, 1 of 4 own more than 1 property, according to a study of the National Association of Real Estate Agents.

Close to 8 out of 10 boomers own their house and 9 out of 10 have been owners in some point in their life. 96% thinks that owning property is a financial investment and are more active in the second home market, baby boomers own 57% of all vacation properties and 58% rental properties.

It is time to start focusing on the needs of this market segment, how does the market behave?

Age is a decisive factor in making decisions, with age comes wisdom and one searches for more information, baby boomers ask a lot of questions because this is an intelligent buyer, he wants to know exactly what it is he is buying, he looks for credibility in the seller, knows what he wants, and if necessary will take a long time to decide whether to buy or not.

As a seller you have to be conscious of the habits of your market, when you promote a development, home, condo, land, whatever the product is, you have to focus on the product that most relates to your client’s needs.

Gather information about the buyer’s preferences by asking about previous homes, this information will be useful to define the type of product your client is looking for.

The baby boomer generally has buying experience, so that makes him a more demanding client.

Boomers are focused on large and big spaces, they are searching for spaces that make them feel comfortable and free of any kind of stress.

Women of the Baby Boomer generation focus on the kitchen amenities, as they have spent many years working and have not had the time to enjoy cooking. Have all this buyer needs present and show them options that offer functionality and high quality.

Do not forget that the more you know your market the more successful you will be satisfying their needs!!!