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10 Keys to Success for Real Estate Agents

By Ana Lydia Valdés


The real estate market has new challenges. Gone is the vision of selling houses “while I find something better”. Today the Mexican market has its own rules, in which the real estate professional can not be improvised, but an agent of change in constant updating.


“With the proposed law reforms in Mexico, only trained and prepared people will work,” said Ignacio Castillo, an expert in property management and training in Spain.


In the framework of his presentation “Secrets of the top producers of Spain and Latin America, how they think and work the best”, the renowned Spanish adviser stressed the importance of building lasting relationships with the client.


The 10 best practices of the real estate market

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1. The first point addressed by Castillo was the need to establish “confidence contracts” instead of “exclusivity contracts”, terms that will bring the client closer rather than scare him.


2. About the profile of a successful real estate consultant, he highlighted the following qualities:

  • Optimism.
  • Passion for his work.
  • Ability to fall and get up.
  • Know how to listen
  • Be constant.
  • Ability to fight even in adverse moments.

He pointed out that in Spain only 20% of the agents managed to remain active after the crisis, which means that 80% of them were not prepared to face the new challenges of the sector. For this reason, training is essential.


3. Dare to say no. Castillo explained that the change of the real estate sector in Mexico is in the agents themselves. “Today you can not do business with yesterday’s methods and hope for success tomorrow”, adopting techniques that have been useful to other agents are crucial to increase sales, particularly in times of crisis.


4. Use social networks or videos, not just tarps and blankets to advertise a property. They are tools that bear fruit without the need for large investments.


5. Sell the area, not the brick. The speaker pointed out that the composition of a photograph of the property must be clear and not be full of elements that impede the image of the property for sale.


6. Another important tool is to use specialized software to take control and adequate management of customers, what in the market is known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


7. Do not behave like a salon salesman. Castillo said that the future of the real estate industry involves fearless professionals who offer more than just customer orientation. “Do not be a salon salesman, look for the client by land, sea and air,” and avoid leaving the telephone unattached.


8. Castillo stressed the need to visualize sales over time and not be filled with non-salable inventory.


9. Visualization: where do you want to be in five years? For Castillo, 90% of success is based simply on insisting. Most sales are achieved on the fifth call, while most people give up the first call.


10. Castillo recommended focusing on the person and not on the property to sell, in addition to observing an excellent presentation at all times.

The expert ended his speech affirming that “good advisers are not afraid”, after insisting that the real estate agents must recognize their value and speak clearly to the indecisive client, exemplified with a little recurring phrase: “Do you want to sell the house or put it to the sale?”.

He added that a good professional of the sector must request their full fees as well as know how to face the type of market that does not listen and does not want to pay the fair. He also emphasized six fundamental tools to achieve success.

  • Continuous training and specialization.
  • Daily positive visualization
  • Two hours of prospecting daily.
  • Have at least 10 recruitment presentations.
  • An afternoon of critical interviews, that is, explain to the owner of the property pros and cons to sell better.
  • Listen to your clients, “do not be a secret agent”, which means a constant interaction with other agents with the idea of ​​establishing mutual aid synergies.


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